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Pagani, Nicolaus
1835; Pagani (Salerno) 1895; Kodiayalbail (dc Mangaloren)
Staal, Gualterus
1839; Velp (Gelderland) 1897; in mari (in navi de Arend, 131" 50' orient., 5° 14' austr. Greenwich)
Meurin, Leo
1825; Berlin 1895; Port-Louis (Maurice)
Bulte, Henricus
1830; Hericourt (Pas-de-C) 1900; Tchangkiatchoang (Sienhsien)
Goodier, Albanus
1869; Great Harwood (Lancashire) 1939; Teignmouth (Devon)
Wald, Georgius
1883; Birkdale (Lancashire) 1959; Georgetown (Guiane Angl.)