Visualizing the Necrologies

Tableau visualization contains interactive visualizations such as charts, graphs, heatmaps to highlight some interesting stories from the Necrology Catalogues data. The visualizations help quantify the trends within the data and show how society has been changing over time. In addition, the visualization also plays a role to help show a more complete picture of these individual Jesuits. For example, you can see the average age distribution of the Jesuits when they enter society, the number of admissions over time, etc. 

Overall Admission/Last Vow Trend Over Time: the bar graphs show the distribution of the number of admissions and last vows over time. What year saw the most admissions? What year saw the most last vows?

Timetable: The heatmap shows which day saw the most admission and what day saw the most last vows over time.

Average Entry age by Jesuits Title: The average age of entering the society varies by Jesuits' title they hold. This visualization shows the average age of entry to the society by Jesuits Title.

The average age of entry to the Society by Province: this visualization shows the change of the average age of entry to the Society over time.

Each visualization was created using the data visualization tool Tableau. See the individual visualizations and our project praxis page for more details.

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