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Seibold, Rudolfus
1880; Stuttgart (Württemberg) 1922; Ravensburg (Württemberg)
Puters, Leo
1889; Dison (Liège) 1923; Ipamu (Kwango)
Maher, Thomas
1885; Borrisoleigh (Tipperary) 1924; Thurles (Tipperary)
Paulus, Fern.
1882; Eghezée (Namur) 1924; Ginabahar (dc Raigarhen)
Dühr, Petrus
1888; Wormeldange (Luxembourg) 1925; Wangko (Kiangsu)
Lonca, Isidorus
1884; Tarbes (H-Pyrénées) 1925; Agullent (Valencia)