Entrance Province Map

The above map allows the user to filter the lives of Jesuits by the location in which they originally joined the order. Further narrowing can take place by the individual year. Blue lines indicate the movement of a Jesuit from his birthplace to his place of entry, while black lines indicate the movement between the place of entry and place of death.  Each relationship type is able to be turned on or off using the filtering menu in the top-right corner when a search is active. Filtered data is exportable as a .json text file. If a Jesuit within the dataset does not appear for a particular province, it is likely that the spatial coordinates for his birthplace or place of death is not known. Similarly, the precise spatial coordinates for some places listed in the Catalogus defunctorum are unknown. Clicking on a Jesuit’s life-line will open a popup box with further details, as well as a link to his database entry.

This map was created using the open-source javascript library LeafletJS and a several plugins, including Leaflet.PancontrolLeaflet.MarkerCluster, and Leaflet.Control.Search. See our project praxis page for more details, or return to the map list.

Interested in a mapping question involving the Jesuit Online Necrology dataset? Feel free to contact us at jesuitportal@bc.edu.